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Incfile Review was established in 2004 and is based in Houston, Texas. Since its inception, has aided over 250,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in establishing their companies.

Their goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience at an unbeatable price. Within 5 minutes of filling out their simple online purchase form, you might be incorporated. They are a nationwide supplier of registered agent services, in addition to incorporation services. For as low as $0 + state fees, you may start your business today. There are no agreements in place. There are no additional costs to consider.

Since 2004, when Incf ile first opened its doors, it has grown to become one of the most popular LLC creation websites, having formed over 500,000 companies. There are a number of businesses that can help you establish an LLC online, but Incfile has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this crowded market, recently surpassing LegalZoom in popularity.

With any package, Incfile provides a lot of value at all three levels, including the basic capabilities seen in the image below. We think they did a fantastic job of putting this together. While other incorporation services provide up to 50 distinct options on their websites, concentrates on the most important fundamentals to make things simple.

This Incfile LLC service review covers all of the important considerations to be made while utilizing their LLC service. If you're on a tight budget, Incfile is an excellent choice. Their most basic plan (Silver) is a great bargain, since it is free, save for state taxes. They also come with a slew of extras, such as a complimentary year of registered agent service and free LLC compliance reminders.

Incfile Pricing

When compared to other online legal services, Incfile is one of the most cost-effective options for forming a company organization. Their company formation price ranges from $0 plus state costs for the entry-level silver plan to $149 plus state fees for the mid-tier gold plan to $299 plus state fees for the premium platinum plan. LegalZoom, a rival to Incfile, offers company formation packages starting at $79 plus state costs. Thus, Incfile is much less expensive.

Keep in mind that the precise amount you pay for different services will be determined by the state or states in which you do business. California, for example, has hefty state filing costs, so if you conduct business there, you'll pay extra for some legal services. The intake is a fraction of the expense of hiring a business attorney, regardless of where your company is situated. To give you an example, if you select Incfile's silver plan at checkout, it will only cost you $75 to establish a California LLC ($0 Incfile charge + $75 California filing fee). A startup lawyer, on the other hand, might charge $500 to $1,000 for simple LLC creation.

Using an online legal assistance site instead of a lawyer, however, exposes you to additional dangers. Only a competent attorney can offer you legal guidance if you have a complex legal issue. Legal services such as Incfile make it clear that they are not attorneys or legal firms. In certain circumstances, a lawyer's knowledge of local, state, and federal laws may be crucial.

Incfile Reviews

Reviews for Incfile are a bit of a mixed bag. Incfile has a rating of 2.7 on Trustpilot, which is not very good. On other sites the reviews are a bit better.

Services offered by Incfile

Signing up for the Incfile Registered Agent service also grants you access to your own business dashboard, so when you're ready to establish your company or just register a DBA, everything is there at your fingertips! They're making it simple so you can concentrate on the essential stuff.

In each state where it operates, every LLC or company must have an official registered agent. A registered agent is a permanent physical presence in the state, and the State government may communicate legal and tax communications with you, including franchise tax forms, lawsuit notifications and mandatory annual reports forms, at the registered Agent's address.

Why Should You Use Incfile?

Services such as the registered agent service which is provided by Incfile assist you avoid the trouble and bother of the administration of all your own state documents. They also assist to protect your privacy by setting up a distinct public address for your company. Any official legal or tax communication will be sent to your private personal contact address when you utilize a registered agent service. Incfile's Registered Agent Service may also assist you maintain your company up to date.

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