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LegalZoom Review, Inc. is an online legal technology company that assists users in creating legal papers without the need to engage an attorney. Wills and living trusts, business formation forms, copyright registrations, and trademark applications are among the documents available. In addition, the firm provides attorney referrals and registered agent services.

LegalZoom is a market disruptor in the legal services industry. The American Bar Association and the business press have both praised its efforts to use computer technology to provide affordable and accessible legal services. According to LegalZoom, the use of computer technology often results in lower pricing for the specific services it provides than traditional lawyers charge. This disruption, according to the corporation, benefits people who might otherwise be unable to employ a lawyer by increasing their access to legal services.

LegalZoom's do-it-yourself platform and independent network of lawyers offer legal assistance to individuals, families, and small companies. They assist millions of individuals in expanding their businesses, caring for their families, and safeguarding their intellectual property.

LegalZoom is an online business formation and legal services firm that provides LLC creation services for $79 plus state costs; however, there are other more trustworthy LLC service alternatives, such as ZenBusiness, that are less expensive and provide superior customer care. In this review, we'll go further into LegalZoom's price and features, as well as user feedback and a rating of their particular services.

LegalZoom is one of the most well-known and well-established online legal services, with over four million companies and consumers served. They have the industry's longest money-back satisfaction guarantee at 60 days. You may also receive a prorated refund if you discontinue your subscription at any time.

The company legal package includes phone consultations with an attorney and document evaluation, much like rivals. Tax advice and a yearly company assessment (checks to verify you're in conformity with applicable regulations) are included in LegalZoom's legal plan, whereas rivals do not.

It also includes one monthly copyright registration, which is a fantastic bargain for painters, musicians, and other creative freelancers and companies.

Beyond company creation, LegalZoom focuses on complete legal services for businesses. For example, LegalZoom offers a Business Advisory Plan that includes services such as tax guidance, attorney assistance, and access to legal paperwork.

Their price isn't comparable with that of many other LLC service providers, and their service packages are missing certain elements that are readily available elsewhere. They do, however, have a great deal of expertise, and their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a good safety net. Overall, we recommend alternative services for forming a limited liability company, although we understand if you like LegalZoom's track record.

Here are some of LegalZoom's Trustpilot reviews:

I've just recently begun using LegalZoom (literally last week) and have already seen results. They nearly make the process of forming an LLC seem simple. My LLC application was accepted more faster than I expected, making it much simpler to go ahead. Normally, I'm apprehensive about the future, but LegalZoom lays everything out so clearly and succinctly that it's impossible for me to find reasons to be concerned. I'm looking forward to providing an update in a few months.

Ideal for those who want to do things themselves and for situations that aren't too complicated. If you anticipate to discuss basic situations and require general answers, this is a very decent service. The method of building trust is well-executed and likely works for the vast majority of individuals. You may seek solutions from a network of lawyers/accountants, but because you are not one of their clients, you must complete the problem on your own. This service is appealing to do-it-yourselfers.

The fact that LegalZoom gave me an email reminder about my soon-to-be-renewed membership in case I decided to cancel was a pleasant touch. They deserve credit for being forthright about this rather than depending on consumers forgetting to cancel.

I used LegalZoom to establish a living will approximately six years ago, and then again a few years later to construct a final will and testament, and both the procedure and the pricing were excellent. I just got the opportunity to speak with a LegalZoom representative, who was very helpful and knowledgable. This business comes highly recommended by me.