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Northwest Registered Agent Review

Hiring a registered agent to file and form your LLC is the best way to start an LLC the right way. You get a level of privacy, security, and service that ordinary filing companies can't match when you use a registered agent to form your LLC.

In this review, we'll go over the specifics of Northwest's LLC creation services, as well as how they compare to the competitors. Continue reading to find out if Northwest Registered Agent is the right solution for you.

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the largest and most renowned companies in the registered agent business, while being new to the LLC filing field. Northwest has a great reputation for providing high-quality services; nevertheless, it is one of the more expensive organizations, and you may be able to obtain a better shaping service elsewhere. We'll examine at Northwest's price and features, as well as user reviews and ratings.

Northwest Registered Agent doesn't have the same brand recognition as competitors like LegalZoom, and it doesn't have as many extra features as another of our favorites, ZenBusiness. Their incorporation service is significantly more expensive than that of other firms.

You can incorporate for $225 (plus state fees) and obtain a full year of registered agent service. After the first year, they will continue to operate as your registered agent for $125 each year, which is less expensive than many competing incorporation services.

Northwest Registered Agent has assisted in the formation of over two million companies since its start, and its website reports that they are now working with up to 200 new LLCs and corporations each day. While there aren't many reviews for Northwest online, the ones we did find were mostly good and in accordance with the company's vision and principles.

This service is great if you want a company to set up your LLC and handle everything for you.

Northwest Registered Agent will form your LLC, act as your Registered Agent, and give you with their address for the length of the LLC registration procedure (keeping yours off public records).

We hope you liked this Northwest Registered Agent Review, and if you would like to find out more, you can visit Northwest Registered Agent here.

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Northwest takes care of all the paperwork with the state to incorporate a company and includes a year of their famous Registered Agent Service in their $225 package.

It's amazing that they provide their Registered Agent Service for a full year at no extra expense. This is a key selling factor for most contractors.

What is the advantage of this? You may use Northwest's address as your official company address, and they will receive all essential government papers on your behalf when you utilize them as your registered agent. This also removes the need to make your personal information public, resulting in a significant reduction in the quantity of spam you get.

Northwest is also the only national Registered Agent service that scans every document received on your behalf on-site, while other rivals just scan papers that are needed by law.

Northwest will also supply you with corporate bylaws, first resolutions, and stock certificates to aid with the start-up of your company. It's a complete company formation bundle with a variety of options.

We will add more details to our review soon. You can also check out our Northwest Registered Agent LLC review in the mean time.