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Can I Form an LLC without a Lawyer?

Is it possible to form an LLC without the consultation of a Lawyer?

I understand why so many company owners go to the legal zoom or related service at a high level: legal costs look so high and people don't know where to start. In other words, continuing down this path will lead to issues.

Any of the problems I have encountered in the past are that company owners create the wrong sort of agency in a disadvantaged jurisdiction and (ironically enough) include too much detail in the organizational material. For instance, you write on your LLC training documents that your LLC's aim is "to run books online." When you start selling books online, so you build on the internet to offer all kinds of items (not just books). Perhaps the LLC defense won't be extended to you when you offer a television online because there is a problem in a lawsuit and you mentioned in the training materials that the LLC is only good for online book sales.

Non-lawyers will hardly do proper work in these two regions in drawing up clauses on the Operating Agreement. It is also a mistake to create an LLC without a lawyer if the LLC has two or more representatives.

In short, if the LLC doesn't have any other founders, partners or staff, it would be OK to create an LLC without a lawyer. You can otherwise hire an attorney for forming the LLC correctly.

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