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How to Find Out if a LLC Name is Taken?

Until we begin the process of forming an LLC, we want to determine if a company name is already taken. How would we do this?

Until you order signs and business cards, you can verify that your name is not already taken by another business. If you want a brand that is already in use, you may have difficulty creating a business association and could infringe on the trademarks of another corporation.

To begin, we'll conduct a free business name search on the Secretary of State's website for the state in which the LLC will be formed. Below are links to each Secretary of State's website and guidance about how to conduct an LLC name scan.

Each state has its own requirements for the names of Limited Liability Companies. Several standard standards include the following:

Designator – A designator is a special identifier added to the end of the name of an organization or limited liability company to indicate the type of operation. For LLCs, the most often used designations are Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, LLC, L.L.C., LC, and L.C.

After the company name, a comma is permitted but not necessary. For instance, both "Window Cleaners LLC" and "Window Cleaners, LLC" are appropriate abbreviations.

Uniqueness – Each state needs a special name for each LLC, company, and Limited Partnership. The standard for what constitutes a unique name differs by jurisdiction, but is typically described as a name that is not confusingly identical to other names.

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