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How to Incorporate Yourself?

How does one establish a small company for a personal venture? What are the advantages? Where will I get the required paperwork? I live in Chicago.

To incorporate a company, you must first write and file Articles of Incorporation with the secretary of state's office in the state in which you wish to incorporate. You can manage this on your own by heading directly to the secretary of states' office online; however, there are a range of online incorporation resources available that can also assist you.

You should go to a variety of web pages that will shape the company for you. They can do all of the documentation, including registering the company, obtaining a federal tax identification code, and issuing stock shares. All you need is included, and the prices are very low (around $500 for everything).

Alternatively, visit the Small Business Administration's website at For new and existing small companies, detailed guidance on incorporation and other matters.

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